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Akaike Ryoto 


was born February 1986 in Tokyo, Japan

graduated from Kyoto University of Art&Design.

After that completed Nihonga painting master's degree of

Tama Art University. 

This feeling that the Japanese have, the syncretism of Buddhism and Shinto, is my creative focal point. Many of the Japanese are not particularly Buddhist nor Shintoist. However, we believe in both Shinto deities and Buddhas as a part of our lifestyle. I extract motifs and ideologies from deities and Buddha, as an existence to save people living in a society of information overload, and express it using techniques and materials of Japanese art.






2012/01 🇯🇵JUGA Art Exhibition at Gallery Kato in Kyoto

2013/02 🇯🇵The SOGA-kai Association of Japanese Painting vol.39

              at  Nihonbashi Takashima-ya.

       /06 🇯🇵Japanese Paintings Exhibition of Rokusho-kai at

               MinatomiraiGallery in Yokohama.

       /06 🇯🇵Japanese Paintings and Oil paintings exhibition

               ' 6 ' of TamaArtUniversityGraduateProgram at Shirota Gallery in Ginza.

       /10 🇯🇵Locally Art Project ' Tama Rivers 2013 ' at RISE,

       Futako Tamagawa.


         /10 🇯🇵Tokyo Designers Week 2014 at Jingu-Gaien Kaigakanmae in

               the  Omotesando 

2015/6 🇯🇵Monsters Exhibition 2015 at HIKARIE shibuya

         /8 🇯🇵Chrono Canvas 2015 Art Watch Exhibition in Shinjuku

              🇯🇵SUMMER SONIC2015 sonicart in Makuhari

        /10 🇯🇵ART STAND EXHIBITION at T-Art Gallery in Tennouzu

        /11  🇹🇼NEW CITY ART FAIR Taipei2015 in Taipei

              🇺🇸Monsters Exhibition 2015 in NewYork

                🇯🇵Art Fair SAPPORO 2015 in Sapporo 

        /12   🇹🇼Art Fair kaosyun2015 in Kaohsiung

     🇯🇵The art fair +plus ultra 2015 at Aoyama Spiral

2016   /01 🇹🇭Japanese Contemporary Art Show at La Lanta Fineart in Bangkok

         /02 🇹🇭Japanese Contemporary Art Show at Central Embassy in Bangkok

         /03  🇹🇼ART TAINAN2016 in Taiwan

         /04  🇹🇼Young Art Taipei2016 in Taipei  

         /04-07🇹🇼 [Akaike Ryoto Solo Exhibition] at MDNA Kitchen Salon in Tainan

         /05  🇹🇼Formosa Art Show2016 in Taipei

         /08  🇹🇼 ART-TAICHUNG2016 in Taichung

                 🇮🇩BAZAAR art JAKARTA 2016 in Indonesia 

         /09-10🇯🇵 Monsters Exhibition 2016   ☆Award for Excellence 

                 🇺🇸at HIKARIE shibuya &NY hpgpGallery

         /11   🇸🇬Affordable Art Fair Singapore2016 in Singapore

               🇯🇵Art Fair SAPPORO 2016 in Sapporo

         /12   🇹🇼ART KAOHSIUNG2016 in Kaohsiung

2017/03  🇯🇵ART FAIR TOKYO2017 at Tokyo international Forum

         /04  🇹🇼Young Art Taipei2017 in Taipei  

  /05 🇯🇵The Edge Tip of contemporaryArt at Nagoya Matsuzakaya

               🇯🇵Sense Exhibition vol.2 <SMILE-curated HOFFDIRAN>at tennouzu

         /06 🇹🇼Art Formosa2017 in Taipei

         /07 🇯🇵FineArtCollection at  Nagoya Matsuzakaya

         /08 🇮🇩ART STAGE JAKARTA2017 in indnesia

         /08-09🇹🇭 Lalanta fineart in Thailand Group Exhibition in Bangkok

         /10 🇲🇾Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2017 in Malaysia
🇹🇼ART KAOHSIUNG2017 in Kaohsiung

2018 /01-06 🇹🇼[Akaike Ryoto Solo Exhibition] at MDNA Kitchen Salon in Tainan

         /01 🇹🇼ART HSINCHU in hsinchu
         /03 🇪🇸KorekaraJapon×MonsterExhibition in Barcelona

         /07 🇹🇼Formosa Art Show2018 in Taipei

               🇯🇵Monsters Exhibition 2018 in Shibuya       

         /08 🇹🇼日本當代藝術聯展  UYart Gallery in Taichung

         /10 🇳🇱Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam2018  in Amsterdam

         /11 🇨🇳Shanghai Art Fair 2018  in  上海Shanghai

         /12 🇹🇼Art Kaohsiung 2018 in  Kaohsiung

         /12 🇨🇳China import and Export Complex in 広州Guangzhou

2019   /01 🇹🇼ONE ART TAIPEI in Taipei

         /02 🇹🇼Tokyo Contemporary Art Exhibition in Taichung UYart Gallery

         /03 🇩🇪🇪🇸Monsters Exhibition 2019 in Berlin & Barcelona 

      /05 🇮🇩ART MOMENTS 2019 in Jakarta

         /06🇹🇼〈FEEL〉Solo Exhibition UYart Gallery in Taichung   

         /07 🇹🇼ART Taichung in Taichung

         /08 🇹🇼「Ethology」Solo Exhibition in Taipei

         /09 🇦🇺Affordable art fair MELBOURNE in melbourne

         /10 🇹🇼Japanese artist exhibition in in HTC Corporation TAIWAN 

         /11 🇯🇵BAMBOO EXPO in Tokyo

         /12 🇹🇼Art Kaohsiung 2018 in  Kaohsiung 

​         /12 🇯🇵THE ART PARTY in Aoyama

2020  /01 🇯🇵『現代作家による 吉祥だるま展』in Ueno MATSUZAKAYA

         /01 🇹🇼ARTFUTURE2020 in Taipei

         /02 🇯🇵 art @ TOYO KITCHEN STYLE in Osaka  

          /06 🇯🇵CREATORS WALL <星野リゾートx  avex >入選 OMO3東京川崎 客室設置   

         /11 🇮🇳/CrownWoodInternationalFilmFestival  official selection  公式選出🎬

        /12 🇮🇳/7th Art Independent International Film Festival🎬

       ⭐︎Award Of Merit  アワードオブメリット受賞

              🇮🇹/Altrimondi Film Festival official selection 公式選出🎬 

2021   /01  🇨🇦 /Montreal Independent Film Festival official selection 公式選出🎬 

         /03  🇮🇳 /Reels International Film Festival  Experimental film部門 🎬

      ⭐︎2nd Award(銀賞)受賞

2022 /04  🇯🇵 /Exhibision of KAKEJIKU ART in TAKASHIMAYA OSAKA

     /06  🇯🇵 /Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival  Short F compノミネート🎬

     /08  🇯🇵 /「Kakejikuのある生活展」in shizuoka Matsuzakaya

        /10  🇯🇵 /TAMANEWWAVE ある視点部門 ノミネート🎬

2023 /05 🇹🇼 /WHATZ ART FAIR in 台北

     /09🇯🇵 /脚本・監督作 長編映画「イエローマーガリン」劇場公開 in 下北沢K2🎬 

        /11 🇸🇬/WHATZ A BRUSH WITH LUXURY in Singapore

2024/01  🇮🇳 / 11th Noida international filmfestival 🏆SPECIAL FESTIVAL MENTION 🎬

       /02 🇫🇷/Nice international film festival ☆5部門ノミネート🎬

       /03🇪🇸/Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid

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