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We have too much information these days.

I drew by some inspiration from 'Three wise monkeys'.
They are not seeing, hearing and saying. They lives by only feelings.

I put a message that If we can feel something deeply by own mind that connected to peace.



This drawing is also human ICON.

These appearance are from 'monkey' and 'buddha'.

We are going to 'buddha' from 'monkey' and I drew nose '∞' means we are exist in like that circulation which as above.

The eyes are ‘uu’=W, the nose is 8(eight).It is expressed  ‘Weight’(importance) of life.

I drew the eyes, noses and mouths by '○△□'. It is Zen-buddism thought. ○ is truth, △ is Zen meditation Zazen,□ is conventional mind.

and I drew hair of an image of Buddha, called 'spiral'(Rahotsu). This is symbol of mind.

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